About Us

XLSTYLE was established in 2009

In cooperation with leading Italian manufacturers and independently developing the design of its products, XLSTYLE distributes ceramic products made with fine porcelain stoneware technology, intended for both commercial and private use, mainly in the European area to wholesalers and professional retailers.

XLSTYLE offers 1 cm-thick products for indoor floor and wall coverings, 2 cm-thick products for terraces and courtyards and 3 cm-thick products for gardens and outdoor paving without adhesive. The latter products can also be installed using adhesive for driveways.

Fine porcelain stoneware has technical characteristics that are superior to those of natural stone, agglomerate cement and wood, and has a better frost resistance, better response to cleaning and easier maintenance, while maintaining the same appeal of natural materials. Thanks to the most advanced digital scanning technologies, our products are versatile and authentic-looking, and also offer great freedom of composition.